Become a millionaire from gaming

Become a millionaire from gaming

Become a millionaire from gaming

Become a millionaire from gaming

Become a millionaire from gaming We often question the person’s choice of living when they tell us that they are a gamer or they work in the gaming industry. This is true for us all, especially parents whose children want to become a part of the gaming industry. We presume that the gaming industry is all about sitting in front of a screen and playing a bunch of games. Gaming or esports has been around since Nintendo launched different games in the market but there were very few people who played them.

Gaming industry statistics

The expansion in the gaming industry is expected to be worth $321 billion by 2026, according to PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022-26. The launch of the UAE National Program for Coders in partnership with tech giants including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon is designed for gamers to gain a foothold in the job market. The program plans to train and attract as many as 100,000 coders and digital companies while also investing in startups from $408.3m to $1.08bn. Millions of new players emerged during the pandemic 2019 as a way to reduce their boredom or stress. But many of those people have turned from being occasional players to professional gamers.

According to a survey by Google in collaboration with Newzoo published that by the end of 2021, approximately three billion players spent a combined $175.8 billion on games. Furthermore, Microsoft and Sony published record growth figures for their gaming revenue streams, and the console sector alone made over $45 billion in 2020. We are talking about a billion-dollar industry with international leagues such as Call of Duty Championship, eSports World Convention, and many more that attract more than 600 million followers and fans from around the world. Although the gaming industry has grown exponentially over the past years, one may wonder why has it become more important than ever before.

Gaming tools


The Internet has always been the advent of rapid change to Become a millionaire from gaming which can now be seen in the gaming industry. The free and assessable nature of the Internet is driving up the demand for online gaming which has given birth to the concept of esports. The internet has allowed games to become a social media platform where people from around the world can talk and play online games together. A recent study in Australia showed that  Australia’s media sector is expected to expand by around 4.1% over the next five years due to interactive gaming and the internet continuing their rapid growth.


The evolution of technology and virtual reality has become an integral part of the gaming industry where companies try to give their clients a better gaming experience. Facial recognition, virtual reality headsets, motion, and gesture games and so much more have been introduced in this industry. Virtual reality games allow players to Become a millionaire from gaming hear sounds as if they were in real life, view hand and arm movements, feel part of more realistic games, and have the opportunity to interact with other players.

Better Graphics

Improved graphics is another reason for an increase in esports and gaming! With improved technology, players can immerse in games with more realistic characters with more human-like movements. These graphics are getting better in which players can already put their physical features on their characters, and create avatars.


Mobile phones

You don’t need to have expensive consoles, televisions, or monitors to play games. The advantage of playing games anytime and anywhere has also fueled the industry’s growth. Games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Genshen Impact, PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush, and Minecraft dominate the mobile gaming industry. Moreover, many young people have access to mobile phones and parents allow their children to play more games using them without concern. The parents seem to enjoy playing games on their mobile phones as well during their free time.

Rewards and cash

Many games offer cash rewards to their players or offer coins/ rewards which allow the gamers to buy or upgrade their games. Expert gamers receive rewards on top of their customary compensations, particularly after a victory in their games. Apart from gaming rewards and coins, players get to earn cash prizes in international gaming competitions. Such as the League of Legends started holding official tournaments in 2011, where the prize pool began at $100,000. In the 2019 tournament, they set the record for their biggest prize at $2.3 million where massive brands and corporations such as MasterCard, Louis Vuitton, Oppo, RedBull, and AXE, sponsored the competition.

Earning and Fame

Many gamers make money monthly by streaming their games. Websites such as Twitch, youtube, and many more allow gamers to live stream their games. Twitch is the are the biggest streaming platform owned by Amazon. It was launched in 2017 to target gamers and anyone who wants to broadcast lifestyle content such as sports, music, and food. However, many gamers such as PewDiePie, Ninja, and Shroud, Become a millionaire from gaming and many more emerged as streamers who make millions. Ninja (aka Richard Tyler Blevins) is a professional gamer with an estimated net value of $25 million, who rose to stardom in 2017. He participated in a number of e-sports teams but it’s actually his streaming of Fortnite, along with the celebrities such as Travis Scott and Drake, that landed him in the mainstream spotlight.

Not only has his skills and personality bagged him millions of followers and dollars, but also a couple of awards. In 2018, he won four awards. TimTheTatman (aka Timothy John Betar) is an American gamer with an estimated net value of $10 million. He first started streaming on Twitch nine years ago, he has built his followers to 7 million people. In 2018, he won the Gamers’ Choice Award for the Fan Favorite Male Streamer. Websites such as Twitch allow gamers to earn from sponsorship, merch sales, company links, and tournaments. These allow them to not only use the platform to make money, build their brands. Many of the streamers have millions of followers on other social media networks like YouTube and even Instagram.


Gaming and education

Gaming has become a part of the education system as well. According to a survey by g2a,91% of teachers who used gaming as an educational tool said that it helped them better engage with students.  With the introduction of virtual learning and zoom classrooms, 93% of teachers in the USA, who used gaming in classrooms allowed to get better engagement from students. Universities are also shifting their focus to the gaming industry. They are the driving force of employment in this industry. Such as computer science degrees will equip students with skills to apply techniques to develop video games and related systems on computers and mobile platforms. It will also allow students to identify an approach to solving real-world problems in video games.

The largest online education portal such as Udemy and Coursera have also launched gaming courses such as video game programming, graphic designing, character development, game development, and many more on their websites for people to learn from the comfort of their bedrooms. Dubai Media City has launched a new Instagram Live series called GAME_ON, in collaboration with ON.DXB. This features regular video game development workshops comprising 3D modeling, rigging, animation, sound engineering, VR, and tips for developers to further their careers. There is no doubt that the gaming industry’s evolution is here to stay! We have yet to see what the internet and technology will bring to the gaming industry.

However, there is no doubt that the introduction of 5G communication networks will greatly accelerate the usage of mobile and cloud-based game delivery. Faster network speeds will allow game developers more freedom in producing games. For players, this will provide several new and exciting possibilities for gameplay that won’t restrict them to existing devices.

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