Freelancing - A revolution since 2022

Freelancing – A revolution since 2022




Different options for freelancing
A revolution in the market that we have been Freelancing – A revolution since 2022.

Work from home

Freelancing – A revolution since 2022 Work from home, remote work, hybrid work style, and outsourcing – these arent just work styles that have emerged after the pandemic of 2019. One of the rising trends of Freelancing – A revolution since 2019. Although, freelancing has been here for a long period of time, nonetheless, the worldview has moved in support of its presence. Freelancers were individuals who couldn’t land a job in any organization yet presently they are the most searched-out specialists. Currently, organizations have started to look for contractual employees, or freelancers, to fill in the work for a need of technical skills and services. The companies hire data entry freelancers, IT security, online or offline media designing, website and application development, email marketing, or customer service. The list of such sets of skills can go on! Freelancing doesn’t benefit individuals only but provides many benefits to companies as well!

Freelance revolution market Scope.

The freelance market provides access to companies to the skills that may not be required full-time or cannot be sourced in-house which cuts down their costs. A 2020 global survey conducted by McKinsey found that 71% of executives expect to use more freelancers in the future. These companies don’t have the need to hire long-term workers on a salary basis by paying staffing agencies which in turn reduces project lead time as well. As of March 2019, Google’s workforce comprised 120,000 contractors/freelancers, more than the number of permanent employees on its payroll, which was around 102,000 according to Flexiple, You can likewise see development in freelancing A revolution since 2022 platforms such as Upwork, Behance, Fiverr, people per hour and many more. Whereas, Upwork is the biggest platform of 2022, there are over 12 million registered freelancers on Upwork, increasing day by day.

The Spark-causing event.

The pandemic provided an awakening to the employees to assume more command of how, when, and where they worked, and this got an irreversible shift in attitude. Recently, countless choices to become part- and full-time freelancers have emerged. Such as online courses via Udemy or Coursera, coaching gigs, podcasts, and expert networks. Which allows community building as a way of networking for freelancers. Secondly, you have complete authority over what you do and how you do it. This additionally assists you to avoid things like office politics and bad management. It helps you avoid commuting hours, traffic jams, and other traditional office irritants. Freelancers have greater adaptability concerning where they can work from because in some cases, you can even work while being on vacation as compared to a 9-7 job desk job which allows you to create a work-life balance that works for your lifestyle.

Stats of Freelancing – A revolution since 2019

According to Upwork, the freelance writer often earns between $30 and $40 per hour or $42,000 per year. A freelance data analyst makes, on average, $55–65 per hour and $100,000 per year.  the freelance programmer makes $60–70 per hour and around $120,000 per year. An average freelance developer makes between $50 and $60 per hour and around $1 million per year. Mobile app developers often earn between $55 and $65/hour or $1 million per year as freelancers. An independent graphic designer often charges $40–45 per hour, with annual pay of roughly $90k.

  • Website Development 

The IT industry is amongst the top tier in the freelancing industry,  in 2020, 12 out of the top 20 in-demand skills for freelancers were related to development. Website developers build the back and front end of websites which allows them to demand. The higher payout for the coding knowledge that they have. Website developer professionals even choose to support clients and their websites after a project is complete. Adding retainer hours to their contracts. However, how do you choose which niche you want to work on as a freelancer, do you want to be a graphic designer, a digital marketer, a programmer, a writer, and the list goes on? The niche you pick ought to be one that you are to some degree acquainted with or have that specific range of abilities and skills.

  •  Graphic Designing

Due to the ascent of Web-based businesses, designing jobs are rising. These may include website designing, brand marketing, product and label designing, and Instagram layout designing. It is a skill set that is required for both online and print media. Graphic designers aren’t only subjected to designing logos or websites now but they design infographics, presentations, letterheads, and business cards. Product packaging design, posters, 2D and 3D animations and so much more.

  • Social Media Managing 

With the increase in social media users, many companies are converting to social media. In managing their online presence companies quite often employ social media managers. Freelancer social media managers are people entrusted with planning and executing social media strategies for several different clients. They can work on different brands rather than one helping them improve communication techniques on various social media platforms. Be that as it may, they don’t simply deal with their client’s social media accounts. But they are responsible for copywriting,  community management, and much more. Due to a number of niches in social media management, some freelancers tend to specialize in some aspects. Such as some freelancers provide copywriting services, some provide SEO, and others provide data analyzing and reporting.

  •  Content writing. 

Intense online competition creates pressure on companies to have value in the content that they are putting online. With this ongoing pressure, companies have started to look for content writers.  Content writers possess various skills from researching a particular topic to producing distinctive content. Content writers are now writing more than blogs or articles like social media posts and product descriptions as well. This niche goes further in regions such as monetary reports, magazine content, and technical content. The highest-paying writing niches are from industries. Such as medicine, eCommerce, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency because these industries require explicit information and degree.

  • Virtual assistants. 

After the pandemic in 2019, virtual teams are no longer an entirely novel idea. According to Conductor, searches for virtual assistant jobs rose by a staggering 1,292%. Companies hire virtual assistants to perform various tasks, such as data entry, calendar organization, and managing email communications. Virtual assistants are required in every industry such as accounting,  advertising, government, and IT.  With an increasing demand for VA, the market value is projected to exceed. US$ 9 Billion by 2023, expanding at a CAGR of 32% during 2018-2023. The emergence of freelancers has had a substantial effect on the overall market. We can even call it a freelance revolution. The enlarged acknowledgment of remote work after the pandemic has set out more noteworthy open doors for freelancers.

Future of Freelancing – A revolution since 2022

In any case, why are so many people joining the freelancing force? This trend may inspire more people to choose a freelancing path rather than a full-time route. While we have been writing about it, many individuals would have signed up on different freelancing platforms. According to Forbes,   80% of employees said that they are drawn to the freelancing profession and would genuinely think about it.

In 2018, the global Freelance Platforms market size was 2.35 billion US$ and it is expected to reach 6.7 billion US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 15.3% during 2019-2025 according to Marketresearch.

This shift in paradigm has allowed a win-win situation for both employers and employees alike. This revolution has emerged, and it is now on course to be the foundation of our future labor force.


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