Why Freelancing is not successful in 2022

Why Freelancing is not successful in 2022


Why Freelancing is not successful in 2022


Why Freelancing is not successful in 2022?

Why Freelancing is not successful in 2022? I have been freelancing for over 2 years now. It is not a smooth ride. Some days are good and some days are not so good. This is the year 2022 and after having worked for over 2 years, living a freelance life is something I am proud of.

The Internet is a great medium. Very powerful to say the least. The stories such as the Singles’ Day sales of Daraz convince me that the best is yet to come. I can see more opportunities coming on the internet with the introduction of 5G all over the world. The spectrum lays down a huge and equal, leveled playing field for those who are willing to cash it with both hands.

As a freelancer, one of the most important things that pave a long way toward your success is time management.

Starting a freelancing career

Nowadays many workers think of starting a freelancing career but, most of them worry if it is the right choice to make. As an employee, you may consider this plan as a source of side income, or maybe you’re asking if it’s worth leaving behind your day job for a self-employment status. If so you will be joining the 36% of the freelancer community who have made it a full-time job.

While the beginning may be difficult, you can have an idea of what you will be facing by checking the full guide to becoming a freelancer to discover the steps you need to take to launch a freelancing career.

But how do you know if freelancing is the right fit for you? After all, you’d rather not cast off only to realize your boat is capsizing. How can you decide whether you should become a freelancer?

Freelancing is not successful

When I’m trying to make an important decision, I always make pros and cons list to help me understand both sides of an argument. I hope this breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing freelancing will help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

Waiting For Work To Magically Appear

So you’ve uploaded a cool profile photo, written an awesome bio, and completed your profile on the freelance site. All you have to do now is wait for clients to contact you, right?

Wrong. Unless you’re Seth Godin, no one’s going to contact you to offer their projects on a silver platter.

The truth is you have to work hard and seek out clients yourself. You need to learn how to write great proposals and send cold emails to good clients.

Less Socialising During Working Hours

Freelancing can be financially rewarding, but it can be a lonely life. Many people would rather work in an office because they like to connect with their co-workers. Being by yourself during working hours and the inability. Building relationships with co-workers can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness, affecting your overall well-being.

I feel lucky because I work with my husband, but there are times when I miss the support of a bigger staff team. I know some freelancers who have made an effort to meet and collaborate with other freelancers. Otherwise, they would spend a lot of time working alone, which can affect productivity and the ability to generate new ideas. Co-working spaces are an option, but they will increase your startup costs, and if you don’t have a robust financial buffer in place, this might not be a viable option.

life is not a fairytale!

The freelancing life is not a fairytale! Like every choice, it has its own downsides, even though successful freelancers will tell you that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

One of the biggest cons of this career path is that you must pay taxes as a business owner, which means that you have to pay. The business portion of social security and Medicare are normally covered by employers in classic jobs.

Other disadvantages include the absence of retirement benefits and health insurance so you have to provide these expenses for yourself.

To summarize the freelancing choice may be less secure since you can’t expect to receive a regular paycheck and you must keep prospecting for new clients and jobs.

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